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The recording and mixing of vocals is often mistakenly thought to be a simple process. The concept is simple enough, right? Get a mic, hook it up to your computer and hit record! Slap some reverb on that vocal track and BAM, instant radio hit! However, this thought process could not be more off base. For most professional recording artists, the studio is actually the most perplexing part of their journey. Their involvement outside of the booth is mainly feeling out the vibe and suggesting in which direction the song should move. Executing on these suggestions all falls on the engineer. In a recording studio, every little detail matters, from the size of the rooms, to the equipment available and the software used to operate that equipment at its full potential.

Here at New Wave Studios we record in a medium-sized, 7’ x 7.5’ booth, which is fully insulated with acoustic foam and a soundproof glass pane to view the control room. The booth can accompany multiple vocalists and also is designed to work with instrumentalists who need some extra space. The mic we currently have in use is a Blue Bluebird. The DAW we record & mix in is Logic Pro X and currently we have 2 engineers, Marzz & Freddy Lake, ready to help you take your music to the next level.

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