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New Wave Music is home to a plethora of producers who specialize in a wide variety of sub-genres across Hip-Hop and RnB. The production of instrumentals can be a concentrated effort with an artist to customize the elements of the beat to their own musical style. Custom production sessions can be booked with any producer for $30/hr plus the price of the beat(s) agreed upon at the end of the session.

Most of our production happens on a producer to producer basis however, once every week or two, we will gather producers together and create instrumentals collectively to further push the boundaries of what we individually create. If you’re a producer and interested in joining us for one of these sessions, fill out the contact form with “collective production session” as the subject and we’ll keep you updated via email of the dates and times of these sessions. Take a listen to some of the beats we’ve created recently below and Contact us to purchase when you know you’ve got a hit!



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