*Photo by Freddy Lake*

*Photo by Freddy Lake*

Ever since she was four, Morg knew her passion was music. Always singing and dancing to music in public places, she felt in her heart that she was happiest when she was in the music. Growing up, she participated in every drama and music program available at her middle school and high school. This wasn't enough, though, as she spent the majority of her time at home practicing her vocals and playing piano. At 15, she started writing her own music. She met a group of people who encouraged her to make music her career. At 15, she decided that while there were other things she could easily manage, music was the one and only passion she truly wanted to pursue. Shortly, she began spending more time watching Joshua Marzz and Genesis work hard to produce, write, and publish music. She realized that if she wanted to make her dreams come true, she had to commit with conviction. While still working a part time job and attending college full-time, Morg works on her music daily. She finds time to practice, write, and create among her busy schedule, because she believes that hard work and dedication prove to be successful when implemented correctly. Morg looks to expand her network, grow as an artist, and "bring happiness to peoples ears."  

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