Joshua Marzz

Joshua Marzz is the co-founder and CEO of New Wave Music. As an artist, Marzz has worked for years on perfecting his craft down to the smallest details. He started out writing poetry at the age of 12 and found himself more involved with his creative writing than his schoolwork most days. At 15, he and his partner Genesis started a rap duo by the name of East Legit. By 17, Marzz had been writing poetry and rap for 5 years and he felt the need to expand his horizons. He picked up a copy of FL Studio 9 and began to learn the production side of hip-hop. At 18, Marzz started to build a home studio from scratch when he switched over to Garageband - and later Logic - for production & recording. After high school, Marzz made the decision to pursue his music career fully as he started to learn the ins and outs of audio engineering at 19. In the coming years, Marzz looks to make waves in the ever-expanding hip-hop scene with his introspective style of lyricism and his spacey production as the head of what he describes as the New Wave of hip-hop.