Ten Questions To Ask A Music Studio

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Running a music studio is quite challenging, especially with a pandemic and people not allowed to meet one another because there were chances that they would catch the virus. We follow all the safety requirements to make sure we are safe when getting through the process. We have worked and released two active studio albums and have a lot more in store.

We have been working as a music studio for some time now, and there were many questions we were constantly asked. We learned that most people are unsure what they are looking for when looking for a recording studio to work with. There are many questions we thought we should document so others could get through the process with ease and not have to struggle. We wanted to make sure their requirements matched what the studio could provide, so everyone was on the same page. Here are some of the most common questions that we are asked.

1. What DAW do you work in?
It's important to familiarize yourself with the programs the engineers use, to gain a better understanding of the differences, preparing you for your work and learning processes. If you are working with the team and you are hoping that they could teach you a few tricks of the trade, it makes sense to find out if their software matches your requirements. Additionally, you want to make sure you are open to learning about that software as well. You should always be asking questions to make sure everyone is on the same page, and you understand why specific changes are made the way that they are made.

2. What’s the sound treatment like?
Knowing how the mixing area and vocal booth are acoustically treated can be a deciding factor in where you go to record and where you go to mix. Changes and information like this can also play a key part in the price range. You have to find out if their equipment and software matches the prices sheet and they know what they are doing and working on. You should also check if the style that they are working on matches your requirements and what you are trying to create so you can pick the studio accordingly.

3. What microphones are available?
Knowing the range of microphones available will give you a better understanding of what will be best recorded at this studio. Various microphones have different sounds and connect with various aspects of a person's voice or the other elements of audio so you want to make sure everything matches your requirements so you are not compromising on the end product.

4. What monitors do we listen to?
Knowing the monitoring system will help you grasp what the listening experience will be like. All these pieces of the studio work in tandem, and knowing their functions and specifications will help you become a more well-rounded artist. The monitors allow the person performing or working on the music to hear the output, and if the monitors are not the best or tuned properly, they could compromise on the final product.

5. What’s your specialty?
You want to know if the engineer you're working with is a master of a specific technique or more of a jack of all trades. Some studios have people working on different aspects of the job, while others have people equipped to handle the entire process. You want to make sure you are connected with the right people who can give you the best output for the work that you are doing.

6. Are there refreshments available?
If not, you need to come prepared with water and snacks for longer sessions. Some places will have no food policies, this is all good to know beforehand. Recording is never a walk-in and walk-out type of approach, and you want to make sure that you are prepared. While you might be able to get food into the office, you might not be able to take it into the studio. You should make plans for meal times so you have breaks when recording or should time your recordings accordingly.

7. How many guests can I bring?
It is better to clarify the number of guests that can travel with you beforehand because some studios are smaller and may have capacity limits, whereas others may be able to fit large groups easily. With the pandemic and the Coronavirus restrictions, you should keep checking up on these rules because they are changing a lot more frequently now than they were earlier. 

8. Are there video/photo services?
Some studios will also have visual artists on standby to capture content during sessions for an additional charge. It's good to know if you need to bring your camera or not! There are instances where the performer might want to film some of the processes. They would likely not get a second chance to make that happen, so they should know about the process in advance if they plan on getting through it. Some studios have teams, and are happy to work on it, but others might need to outsource the project.

9. Do you have beats for sale?
This will give you an idea of whether or not you can get beats on the fly at the studio but a better understanding of the engineer's experience with beats. These would vary specifically based on the recording work that is done. 

10. Do you also master tracks after they’ve been mixed, or do you only focus on mixing?
The process will let you know if you can get your songs mixed and mastered in the same facility, which is just a level of convenience when making music. Otherwise, you would have to work with two different studios, which might not be challenging but can be a little inconvenient and take some more time to get through the process.

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