The Art And Science Of Vocal Recording And Mixing By New Wave Music LLC

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People book studio time for various reasons. Generally, they spend time recording vocals and mixing them into instrumentals. They also use the studio to make custom beats, mix tracks recorded in previous sessions or master tracks, and finalize projects. Maybe even have a small listening party. Some studios can also shoot promotional video content for singles or albums and discuss distribution or marketing plans.

Just remember, when booking a studio, no matter what the purpose, recording and mixing vocals is equally art and science, and studio time can be very straightforward work-wise. Still, it can also be a learning and building experience as an artist.

Like any other specialty, it takes time and dedication to learn the essentials to create your own patterns and preferences. At New Wave Music LLC, we have spent the past six years developing our skillsets, widening our musical range, and expect the same level of dedication from the engineers we bring in to work with us.

We specialize and have a track record of getting precise recordings and mixing and mastering them to their fullest potential. We can genuinely accommodate any value you can find from being in the studio. As a creative firm, you immediately have opportunities for creation and collaboration across the board. As an artist, we can elevate your sound and help you find your lane and run it! We aim to make New Wave Music LLC, the first creative mecca in Delaware, a place to truly create.

Our studio rules are simple. We allow smoking and guests who can add value to your session. It’s good vibes for us and all who enter our studios. Just come prepared and ready to give your all and make hits.

We are currently located in New Castle, Delaware, and have two studios available at hourly rates. Studio A comes with a fully insulated sound booth at $50 per hour, and studio B is a bit more open with a homelike feel costing $40 per hour. Our studios can be booked on our website, and if you are from out of town, reach out to us via email. We have the ability to mix and master remotely as well.

No matter where you are, now you can record yourself in another studio and send us the session stems so that we can mix and master your content, creating tracks that are a pleasure to listen to.

If you’re looking for a music studio in Delaware, reach out to us at (302) 824-6962. We’re all about building from the ground up. As an artist, producer, engineer, photographer, videographer, marketer, whatever your passion is, this is the place to create! We currently have two studios and a team of producers constantly adding to our vault of beats. We can accommodate custom production sessions for artists, record and mix vocals, instruments, and the master entire tracks and albums. The production of instrumentals can be a concentrated effort with an artist to customize the elements of the beat to their own musical style. We serve clients across New Castle, Cherry Hill, Newark, Wilmington, Middletown, Delaware, Camden, Trenton, New Jersey, Lincoln University, Philadelphia, West Chester, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Elkton, Maryland, and the surrounding areas.

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