What Makes New Wave Music LLC Stand Out

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About New Wave Music LLC
We are a home-based music recording studio in New Castle, Delaware, specializing in the full-scale production of Hip-Hop, R&B, and other genres. We were formed in 2013 and became an official business in November 2017. 

Our enterprise started as an indie record label, managing a handful of local artists, and we are now rapidly moving towards becoming a full-scale A/V production company. 

We currently have a two-studio setup. One has a fully insulated sound booth, and the other has a home studio vibe, with the mic and shield sitting next to the engineer. 

Our studio is situated smack in the middle of the East Coast and is open Monday to Sunday from Noon to Midnight. We’re also available to collaborate remotely with people worldwide.

The New Wave Music LLC Difference
One aspect that makes us second to none is that every sound engineer has been tested through their music and the catalog that they have created for other musicians. They all possess the tools and knowledge to record and mix vocals on a professional level. 

Besides, our four talented sound engineers (Marzz, Genesis, Drake & Huey) are still in their twenties, and their vibrant minds give us the flexibility to work with any artist and elevate their music beyond what it was before it entered the studio. 

What also sets us apart is that we create a fun atmosphere by working closely with artists to get the desired sound. We achieve this by recording and mixing vocals, instrumentals’ production, and mastering full tracks in a properly treated environment. Our approach has made us successful.

Consequently, one of our most significant achievements has been mixing and mastering over two dozen projects in the last six years. However, while we’ve busted our butts off to achieve this, we still believe there is room to learn and grow.

Our vision for the future is to expand exponentially. To achieve this dream, we have new ideas that will enable us to make outstanding records for decades to come while shaking things up in the local music scene.

Therefore, we want to continue investing in our community and building solidarity. We believe that the stronger our team becomes, the more opportunities we’ll be able to open up for artists in Delaware to shine on a global scale. 

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