Common Mistakes People Make When Recording In The Studio

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As an upcoming music artist, a successful song recording can help put your career on the right track. So when heading to a recording studio, being prepared with the right music and arrangements can make all the difference to help you achieve the results you’re after. However, despite the efforts, not all music artists know how to prepare for a recording which often leads to mistakes that they don’t realize they’re committing.

Fortunately, with a few tips and more attention to detail, you’ll avoid making these basic errors and ensure you have a fruitful recording experience. To help you out, New Wave Music LLC has listed some common mistakes people make when recording in the studio and how to avoid them.

1. Failing to control your voice flow while recording
As a novice to music recording, voice control is one area where you are likely to struggle during a recording session in the booth. Generally, volume control and breath control falls under voice control skill. But, you tend to forget this while recording in an entirely noise-proof room, as there’s a different feel to when you speak, sing, or even play an instrument. The best way to learn to control your voice in these settings is to improve your breathing through cardio work and practice in a recording booth regularly. In time, you will learn when and how often you need to take breaths and how loud or soft you need to be.

2. Being unprepared
When recording their music, many artists make the mistake of showing up to the studio session unprepared. When you show up without any beats (unless, of course, you’re there for a production session or you plan to buy some beats from the studio for the session) or come to the studio without songs written or incomplete concepts, it leads to a wasted session and an unfinished product, that isn’t as good as you expected.

3. Overloading the recording session
Another common mistake is trying to fit too many songs into a short session. While this is opinionated, we believe that it’s usually best to use a small session of two to three hours to complete a single full song instead of many. In longer sessions of six to eight hours, as many as six good mixes could be covered.

4. Being skeptical about your skills
Finally, when it comes to recording your music, remember to maintain a steady level of confidence. Sometimes it can feel weird to hear your voice in studio settings. The acoustics in the control room are designed for a specific sonic pattern. This can physically feel different compared to an untreated room of a similar size. Sonic frequencies don’t bounce around freely in an acoustically treated space. So, don’t let this deter you as it can all be conquered through experience and adaptability. The bottom line is to stay confident in your skills no matter the environment, and you will succeed. Second-guessing yourself during the creative process is only counter-productive. For this reason, allow yourself to express your vibes freely, and we will craft the sound you envision.

In our opinion, the creative process is a gauntlet of losses to get to the wins. We don’t personally think there are many wrong things to do while making music. Hiccups are to be expected, but the idea is to focus on your confidence in yourself. You must concentrate your energy initially when learning and growing as an artist. Over time as you learn and become more comfortable in a studio environment, your knowledge becomes more passive, and the creative process becomes more efficient! Just remember to come to the studio prepared with an appropriate workload in mind for your timeframe. At the same time, try to build relationships with engineers and enhance your skills in as many studios as possible.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to work smarter in the studio and avoid making mistakes. For more pointers and tips, reach out to the experts at New Wave Music LLC. We are a music recording studio in New Castle, Delaware, and we are passionate and creative when it comes to producing new tunes. Our producers are also dedicated to uplifting new artists and helping them showcase their brand effectively. We have years of experience in the music industry, and we are here to provide you with our expertise and unconditional support.

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