Co-founders, Josh Hartnett (Joshua Marzz) and Elijah Dixon (Genesis), came together as a hip-hop duo by the name of East Legit at 15 years old, although both had been making music for years before that. As they developed their sound throughout high school and beyond, they continued to meet new artists and producers along the way, expanding their network. The group continues to expand its reach and its musical diversity while going against the grain of what has been recently accepted as mainstream hip-hop.


New Wave Music is a new, growing collective of visionary musicians looking to add their own unique sound to the growing East Coast hip-hop movement. Each and every artist and producer in the group looks to make an impact in the world through music. Join the movement, ride the wave.


The 2nd New Wave Cypher - Mary Jane

Joshua Marzz - Lucy Gang (Gucci Gang Remix)

NEB & Genesis - NEBESIS

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NEB & Genesis' video for the NEBESIS single 'Candy'

Joshua Marzz - Spoils of the Voyage

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Waverly - Genesis' newest EP

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Mikey Joseph's Debut Album Synethesia

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Check out NEB's debut tape 'Differentiated Education'

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